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TOEFL BNC: 1476 COCA: 1554
noun /rɪˈspekt/
  1. 1
    [U] a feeling of admiration that you have for someone because of their personal qualities, their achievements, or their status, and that you show by treating them in a polite and kind way 尊敬;敬重
    respect for :

    Students show their respect for the teacher by not talking. 学生们都不讲话以此来表达对老师的尊敬。

    gain/lose (someone's) respect :

    She has worked hard to gain the respect of her colleagues. 她努力工作来赢得同事们的尊敬。

    treat someone with respect :

    Children should treat their parents with respect. 孩子们应该尊敬他们的父母。

    a mark of respect :

    We stood silent as a mark of respect for the dead. 我们默默地站着以示对死者的尊敬。

    mutual respect (=when two people show respect for each other) 相互尊敬 :

    The negotiations proceeded in an atmosphere of friendship and mutual respect. 谈判是在友好和相互尊重的气氛中进行的。

     Synonyms and related words
    Praise and admiration: praise, admiration, recognition...
  2. 2
    [U] a feeling that something is important and deserves serious attention 关心;关注;重视
    respect for :

    When I was young, people had a healthy respect for the law. 当我年轻的时候,人们比较关注法律。

    They had instilled in him a respect for his traditional culture. 他们逐步培养他关心传统文化的习惯。

     Synonyms and related words
  3. 3
    [C] an aspect of something 方面

    The two stories differ in fundamental respects. 这两种说法有本质的区别。

    in this respect :

    In this respect, we are no different from other people. 在这方面,我们与其他人没有什么差别。

     Synonyms and related words
    Features and qualities: feature, quality, factor...
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verb [T] /rɪˈspekt/
present tense
present participlerespecting
past tenserespected
past participlerespected
  1. 1
    to feel admiration for someone because of their personal qualities, their achievements, or their status, and show this by treating them in a polite and kind way 敬重;尊敬;敬佩

    He is highly respected in his profession. 他在专业方面非常受人尊敬。

    respect someone for (doing) something :

    People will respect you for telling the truth about this. 人们将会因你说出了这事的真相而敬重你。

    respect someone as something :

    We work well together, and I respect him as a colleague. 我们在一起工作得很愉快,而且作为同事我很敬佩他。

     Synonyms and related words
  2. 2
    to show that you understand the importance of something by not doing anything against it 尊重;重视

    Doctors must respect the wishes of patients. 医生必须尊重患者的意愿。

    We expect all governments to respect the rights of minorities. 我们期望所有政府都尊重少数民族的权利。

     Synonyms and related words
    To value something or someone: value, respect, appreciate...
    1. a.
      to obey a rule, law etc 遵守,顾及(规定、法律等)

      The court's decision must be respected. 法庭的裁决必须得到遵守。

       Synonyms and related words
interjection very informal /rɪˈspekt/
  1. used for showing that you admire or strongly approve of someone or something. This word is mainly used by young people. 真了不起(因敬重或赞同而发出的感叹)
     Synonyms and related words
TOEFL BNC: 1476 COCA: 1554


1admiration欽佩ADJECTIVE | VERB + RESPECT | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEconsiderable, deep, enormous, great, high, profound, tremendous相當尊敬;深深的敬佩;無比的敬佩;深為欽佩;佩服之至grudging勉強的尊敬mutual相互尊重a relationship based on mutual respect建立在相互尊重基礎上的關係new, new-found新的尊重;剛獲得的尊重healthy有風度的尊重genuine真心的尊重VERB + RESPECTfeel, have, hold sb in感到欽佩;有敬意;尊敬某人She held him in considerable respect.她相當敬佩他。command, earn (sb), gain (sb), garner, get, inspire, win (sb)博得尊敬;獲得(某人)尊敬;贏得(某人)尊重a society in which age commands great respect年長者受尊敬的社會demand, deserve要求/值得尊重lose不再受尊敬PREPOSITIONrespect for對⋯尊敬He felt a grudging respect for her talents as an organizer.他勉強地對她的組織才能表示尊重。


2respectful behaviour/behavior尊重ADJECTIVE | VERB + RESPECT | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEgreat, utmost很尊重;極大的敬重little不怎麼尊重due, proper應有的/適當的尊重the respect due to his great age因他年長而對他的尊敬decent (NAmE) 適當的尊重equal同等的尊重VERB + RESPECTaccord sb/sth, pay (sb/sth), show (sb/sth), treat sb/sth with給予⋯尊重;(向⋯)表示尊敬;尊重⋯the respect accorded to her memory對她的記憶力的佩服He treats his grandparents with great respect.他非常尊重祖父母。The chainsaw is a dangerous tool-it should be treated with respect. (especially BrE) 鏈鋸是危險的工具,得小心使用才行。want想要尊重PREPOSITIONout of respect出於尊重We observed a minute's silence out of respect for the disaster victims.我們默哀一分鐘,向遇難者表示敬意。with respect尊敬地With all due respect, I think you've misunderstood what he said.我無意冒犯,但我認為你誤解了他的話。PHRASESa lack of respect缺乏尊敬to show a lack of respect for authority對權威缺乏尊重a mark of respect, a sign of respect, a token of respect尊敬的標誌/表示/象徵


3detail/point細節;點ADJECTIVE | VERB + RESPECT | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEcertain某方面different不同的方面crucial, important, key, significant至關重要的/重要的/關鍵的/有意義的方面material物質方面VERB + RESPECTdiffer in在⋯方面不同There was one respect, however, in which they differed.然而,他們在一個方面有所不同。be alike in, be identical in, be similar in, resemble sth in在⋯方面類似;在⋯方面相同;在⋯方面像⋯PREPOSITIONin... respect在⋯方面The report is accurate in all material respects.該報告在所有重要方面都是準確的。in respect of (= concerning) 關於A writ was served on the company in respect of their unpaid bill.公司由於欠賬而收到了傳票。with respect to (= concerning) 關於⋯;就⋯而言The two groups were similar with respect to income and status.這兩組在收入和地位方面相似。PHRASESin all, many, some, several, etc. respects, in every respect在所有、在很多、在有些、在幾個等方面;在每個方面In many respects she is like her mother.她和她母親在很多方面相似。The marriage was a disaster in every respect.這場婚姻從任何角度來說都是徹底的失敗。in this respect在這個方面In this respect he cannot be criticized.他不會在這個方面捱批評。


1admire sb/sth欽佩ADVERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBdeeply, greatly, really, very much深感欽佩;非常尊敬truly真正地欽佩PREPOSITIONas把⋯尊為She is widely respected as a politician.她作為一位政治家廣受尊敬。for因⋯而尊敬She was much respected for her knowledge of herbs.她由於草藥知識淵博而頗受尊敬。PHRASESbe highly respected, be much respected, be very respected, be well respected深受尊敬a highly respected doctor深受尊敬的醫生be internationally respected, be universally respected, be widely respected在國際上/普遍/廣泛受到尊敬WWF is internationally respected for its conservation work.世界野生動物基金會因其保護野生動物的工作受到國際社會的尊重。


2pay attention to sth注意ADVERB | VERB + RESPECT | PHRASES ADVERBfully充分重視VERB + RESPECTpromise to, undertake to (especially BrE) 許諾/開始重視The government has promised to respect human rights.政府已承諾尊重人權。fail to沒有尊重Her daughters failed to respect her last wishes.她那些女兒都沒有尊重她最後的意願。PHRASESa duty to respect sth尊重⋯的義務failure to respect sth未顧及⋯
TOEFL BNC: 1476 COCA: 1554
respect noun
respect (show a lack of respect) admiration (have great respect for sb) aspect (In this respect…)
respect verb
respect (a respected teacher) follow3 (respect the law)


respect ♦︎ admire ♦︎ esteem ♦︎ be/stand in awe of sb/sth ♦︎ look up to sbThese words and expressions all mean to have a high opinion of sb/sth because of their good qualities or achievements. 这些词语均表示尊敬、敬佩、仰慕。SYNONYM SCALE 词义标尺 下图显示这些词所表达敬佩的程度
respectadmirebe/stand in awe of sb/sth
esteemlook up to sb
PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to respect / admire / esteem / look up to sb as sthto respect / admire / esteem / look up to sb for sthto respect / admire the way sb does stha respected / an esteemed writer / teacher / scientistgreatly / much respected / admired / esteemedhighly respected / esteemedto really respect / admire / look up to sb / sth respect [transitive] (not used in the progressive tenses 不用于进行时) to have a high opinion of sb/sth because of their good qualities or achievements (因其良好的品质或成就)尊敬,敬佩,仰慕She is always honest with me, and I respect her for that.她一直对我很诚实,我非常敬重她这一点。She was a much loved and highly respected teacher.她是位深受爱戴和尊敬的老师。I respect Jack's opinion on most subjects.在大多数事情上,我尊重杰克的意见。 see also respect admiration , respectful polite admire [transitive] (not used in the progressive tenses 不用于进行时) to have a very high opinion of sb/sth because of their good qualities or achievements (因其良好的品质或成就)尊敬,敬佩,仰慕I really admire your enthusiasm.我确实钦佩你的热情。The school is widely admired for its excellent teaching.这所学校教学优秀,远近称誉。You have to admire the way he handled the situation.你不得不佩服他处理这个局面的手法。 see also admiration admiration , admirer fan , admiring good 6 NOTE 辨析 Respect or admire? Admire expresses a stronger feeling than respect: if you admire sb it usually means that you agree with them and/or would like to be like them. You can admire a person or their good qualities, but you do not usually admire sb's opinions. * admire表达的敬佩之情比respect更强烈,admire通常意味着认同某人,或希望自己也能像对方一样。admire的宾语可以是人或好的品质,但通常不能是某人的意见I really admire her for her courage.我真佩服她的勇气。I really admire her courage.我真佩服她的勇气。I admire Jack's opinion on most subjects. If you respect sb you might not agree with them or want to be like them, but you still recognize their good qualities. * respect可能并不认同某人或想成为那样的人,但仍然承认其好的品质These academics may be respected as experts in their field, but they can also be quite arrogant.这些学者可能作为各自领域的专家被別人推崇,但他们也相当自大。You can respect a person or their opinions; you can respect sb for their good qualities, but you do not usually respect the qualities themselves. * respect的宾语可以是人,也可以是opinion。respect不能直接后接良好品质,而应说respect sb for sthI respect him for his honesty.我因为他的诚实而尊重他。I respect his honesty. esteem [transitive, usually passive] (not used in the progressive tenses 不用于进行时) (formal) to respect and admire sb/sth, especially because of their skills or qualities (尤因其技能或品质)尊重,敬重He was esteemed as a dedicated and imaginative scholar.他被认为是一位敬业且富有想象力的学者。Many of these qualities are esteemed by managers.这些特点有很多受到经理们的赞赏。 see also esteem admiration be in ˈawe of sb/sth stand in ˈawe of sb/sth


(not used in the progressive tenses 不用于进行时) to admire sb/sth very much and be slightly frightened of them/it 对⋯敬畏;对⋯既仰慕又畏惧She was tall, confident and beautiful, and all the other girls were in awe of her.她身材高挑、自信美丽,其他女孩都敬畏她。 see also awe admiration
ˌlook ˈup to sb

phrasal verb

(not used in the progressive tenses 不用于进行时) to admire or respect sb, especially sb who is older than you or who is in a position of authority (尤指对年长者或掌权者)钦佩,仰慕,尊敬He's good with the kids, who really look up to him.他和孩子们处得很好,孩子们都打心眼里尊敬他。OPP look down on sb If you look down on sb you think that you are better than them. * look down on sb指瞧不起某人She looks down on people who haven't been to college.她瞧不起没上过大学的人。


respect ♦︎ manners ♦︎ courtesy ♦︎ formality ♦︎ politeness ♦︎ etiquette ♦︎ grace ♦︎ civilityThese are all words for behaviour that is considered to be polite or correct. 这些词均表示礼貌、礼节。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配with respect / courtesy / politeness / grace / civilityout of respect / courtesy / politenessgreat respect / courtesy / formality / politeness / civilitygood manners / graceexaggerated respect / courtesy / politeness / formalityto show respect / manners / courtesy / politenessto treat sb with respect / courtesy / politeness / civility respect [uncountable, singular] polite behaviour towards or care for sb/sth that you think is important 重视;尊重They show a lack of respect for authority.他们蔑视权威。He has no respect for her feelings.他根本不尊重她的感情。Everyone has a right to be treated with respect.人人有权受到尊重。 OPP disrespect , contempt contempt see also respect admiration noun , respect follow verb 3 , respectful polite manners [plural] behaviour that is considered to be polite and socially acceptable in a particular society or culture 礼貌;礼仪It is bad manners to talk with your mouth full.嘴里塞满了食物跟人说话是不礼貌的。He has no manners (= behaves very badly).他毫无礼貌。She could at least have the good manners to let me know she isn't coming.她总该要有点礼貌,告诉我她不来了。Those kids have no table manners.那些孩子吃饭没规矩。People often talk about sb's manners in the context of how they behave when they eat a meal or how they treat other people. * manners常用来表示就餐礼仪或待人接物的礼貌。 courtesy ˈkɜːtəsi; NAmE ˈkɜːrtəsi [uncountable, countable, usually plural] (rather formal) polite behaviour that shows respect for other people; a polite thing that you say or do when you meet people in formal situations 礼貌;(正式场合见面时的)客气话,礼节It's only common courtesy to tell the neighbours that we'll be having a party.告诉邻居我们要举行聚会,这是起码的礼貌。We asked them as a matter of courtesy.我们出于礼貌询问了他们。The prime minister was welcomed with the usual courtesies.按通常的礼仪欢迎那位总理的到来。 see also courteous polite formality fɔːˈmæləti; NAmE fɔːrˈmæləti [uncountable] correct and formal behaviour that deliberately avoids being too relaxed or friendly (有意避免过于随便的)礼节She greeted him with stiff formality.她拘谨地按礼节向他致意。Different levels of formality are appropriate in different situations.庄重程度不同的礼节适用于不同场合。 see also formal formal politeness [uncountable] polite behaviour that shows respect for other people 礼貌;有礼He stood up out of politeness and offered her his seat.他出于礼貌站了起来,要把座位让给她。OPP rudeness rude see also polite polite etiquette ˈetɪket, ˈetɪkət [uncountable] the formal rules of correct or polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession (社会或行业中的)礼节,礼仪,规矩What's the correct etiquette when addressing a judge?和法官讲话时得体的礼仪是什么?She is an expert on matters of etiquette.她是礼仪方面的专家。 grace [uncountable, singular] a quality of behaviour that is polite and pleasant and deserves respect 文雅;高雅He conducted himself with grace and dignity throughout the trial.在整个审讯过程中他表现得文雅而有尊严。She didn't even have the grace to look embarrassed.她甚至连一丝尴尬的神色都没有。We will simply have to accept the situation with a good grace.我们就坦荡大度地接受这种情况吧。 see also gracious polite civility səˈvɪləti [uncountable] (formal) polite behaviour 彬彬有礼的行为;礼貌;客气Staff members are trained to treat customers with civility at all times.全体职员受训在任何时候都对顾客以礼相待。 Civilities [plural] are remarks that are said only to be polite and avoid being rude. 复数形式的civilities指客套、客气话She didn't waste time on civilities.她没有浪费时间说客套话。 see also civil polite

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