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noun [C] /ˈkændɪdeɪt/ /ˈkændɪdət/
  1. 1
    one of the people competing in an election 候选人

    the Labour/Liberal/Conservative candidate 工党/自由党/保守党候选人

     Synonyms and related words
    Candidates in elections: candidacy, candidate, candidature...
    1. a.
      one of the people competing for a job 求职者

      The candidate must demonstrate good communication skills. 求职者必须表现出良好的交际能力。

      candidate for :

      There were two candidates for the post. 这一职位有两名求职者。

       Synonyms and related words
    2. b.
      one of the people competing for a prize (竞争奖项的)候选人
      candidate for :

      candidates for the award for best actor 最佳男演员奖的候选人

  2. 2
    a person or thing that is likely to do or be something 有望做…的人;有望成为…的事

    They needed a location for the film, and the church was the obvious candidate. 他们需要一个拍电影的场景,教堂显然可能被选中。

    candidate for :

    This encounter is a candidate for the tournament's most exciting game. 这场较量有望成为本次锦标赛中最扣人心弦的一场比赛。

    a prime candidate (=very likely to do something) 很可能的 :

    She looks like a prime candidate for a nervous breakdown. 她看上去很可能会神经崩溃。

     Synonyms and related words
    General words for objects: thing, object, article...
  3. 3
    formal someone who is taking an examination 投考者;考生

    Candidates may use a calculator. 考生可以使用计算器。

     Synonyms and related words
    General words for exams and taking exams: assessment, borderline, candidate...


ADJECTIVE | VERB + CANDIDATE | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEpotential, prospective可能當選的候選人Prospective parliamentary candidates met party leaders last week.可能當選議員的候選人上週與政黨領袖會面。likely, possible, qualified, suitable, viable, worthy很可能當選的/可能適合的/有資格的/合適的/有望當選的/優秀的候選人She's a likely candidate for promotion.她很可能得到晉升。excellent, good, ideal, obvious, perfect, prime, promising, strong出色的/優秀的/理想的/明擺着的/完美的/最佳的/有希望的/很有實力的候選人This is a prime candidate for best movie of the year.這是年度最佳電影的最佳候選片。leading, top主要/頂級候選者unlikely, unsuitable不太可能當選的/不合適的候選人successful成功的申請者The successful candidate will be fluent in French and German.申請人須通曉法語和德語才有可能成功。losing, unsuccessful失利的/不成功的候選人congressional, gubernatorial, mayoral, parliamentary, presidential, prime-ministerial國會議員/州長/市長/議會/總統/首相候選人doctoral, PhD (especially NAmE) 博士生;攻讀博士學位的人Elena is a doctoral candidate at Johns Hopkins University.埃琳娜在約翰・霍普金斯大學攻讀博士學位。Conservative, Democratic, etc.保守黨、民主黨等候選人VERB + CANDIDATEput yourself forward as, stand as (especially BrE) 推舉自己為候選人;作為候選人競選She decided to stand as a candidate in the local elections.她決定作為候選人參加地方競選。field, nominate, put up, run推舉候選人;提名候選人;提出候選人參選Our organization is putting up five candidates in the elections.我們這個組織推薦 5 個候選人參加選舉。back, endorse, favour/favor, support, vote for支持候選人;投候選人的票consider, interview, screen審視/面試/篩選候選人choose, elect, select挑選/選舉/選擇候選人The committee will select the best candidate for the job.委員會將從候選者中挑選出最適合擔任這一職務的人。reject否決候選人We rejected most of the candidates as unsuitable.我們認為大多數候選人都不合適,所以排除了他們。PREPOSITIONcandidate for⋯的候選人She was the only candidate for the post.她是該職位的唯一候選人。


 See also the entry for participant 另见participant条candidate ♦︎ nominee ♦︎ applicant ♦︎ entrantThese are all words for sb who is applying for sth such as a job or position. 这些词均表示申请者、候选人、参加者。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a candidate / a nominee / an applicant / an entrant for stha candidate / an entrant in stha nominee / an applicant / an entrant to sththe successful candidate / applicanta potential / prospective candidate / applicant / entranta / an good / ideal / suitable candidate / applicanta Democratic / Republican / presidential candidate / nomineeto attract candidates / applicants / entrantsto interview / choose / select / shortlist / reject a candidate / an applicantto appoint a candidate / a nominee / an applicant candidate [countable] a person who is trying to be elected or is applying for a job (竞选或求职的)候选人,申请人The committee will select the best candidate for the job.委员会将会挑选胜任这一工作的最佳人选。Prospective parliamentary candidates met party leaders last week.有望当选的议会候选人上周与政党领袖会面。The party intends to field a candidate in the next general election.该党打算在下次大选时推举一名候选人。 (BrE) He stood as a candidate in the local elections.他作为候选人参加地方选举。In British English a candidate can also be a person who is taking an exam. 在英式英语中,candidate亦可指应试者 (BrE) Candidates are allowed to use dictionaries in this examination.考生在这一考试中可使用词典。 nominee ˌnɒmɪˈniː; NAmE ˌnɑːmɪˈniː[countable] a person who has been formally suggested for a job or prize or to take part in an election (职位、奖项或选举的)被提名人,被任命者And here are the nominees for Best Director.以下是“最佳导演”的候选人。The President will present his nominee for Supreme Court Justice to Congress for approval.总统将提名最高法院大法官,呈交国会批准。He was chosen as the party's presidential nominee.他获推举角逐该党的总统候选人席位。 see also nominate recommend 2 NOTE 辨析 Candidate or nominee?In some political elections, especially for a president in the US, several people are nominated (= suggested) to represent a political party: they are nominees. The party then chooses, often through a vote, one of the nominees who they want to become the party's candidate to take part in the election against candidates from other parties. In other situations where a person is being chosen for sth such as a job or a prize, candidate is a general word which can refer either to people who applied for the job or prize themselves, or who were suggested for it by other people. A nominee is always sb who was suggested for sth by other people. 在一些政治选举,特别是美国总统选举中,几个人被提名代表某个政党,他们被称为nominee(被提名人)。 政党然后常通过投票从被提名人中选出一个candidate(候选人)和代表其他政党的候选人竞选。在其他情况下,如申请工作或遴选奖项时,candidate是通用的词,既可以指自行申请工作或奖项的人,也可以指获别人提名的人。 nominee总是指获别人提名的人。 applicant ˈæplɪkənt [countable] a person who is applying for sth, especially a job or a place at a college or university (尤指求职或进高等院校的)申请人There were over 500 applicants for the job.有500多人申请这份工作。What can be done about the falling number of applicants to medical schools?申请进医学院的人数下降,应该怎么办?The factory was accused of turning away job applicants who belong to a union.那家工厂被指控拒绝录用隶属工会的求职者。 see also apply ask 2 entrant ˈentrənt [countable] a person or animal that enters a race or competition 参赛者;参赛动物You will automatically be registered as an entrant in the Prize Draw.你将获自动登记参加抽奖。The winning entrant received tickets to the theatre.获胜的参赛者得到了剧院的门票。In British English an entrant can also be a person who enters an exam. 在英式英语中,entrant亦可指应试者The average score for all A-level entrants was 5.4.所有参加高级证书考试的考生平均分是5.4。 see also enter play verb 2

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