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IELTS BNC: 453 COCA: 564
noun /ˈpræktɪs/
  1. 1
    [C/U] occasions when you do something in order to become better at it, or the time that you spend doing this 练习;练习的时间

    Don't worry if you can't manage it first time. It'll come with practice. 要是第一次你做不到也不用担心。多加练习自然就会了。

    Waylans broke his wrist during practice and will be unable to bowl in tomorrow's game. 韦兰斯在练习时摔断了手腕,明天比赛时不能投球。

    You'll have to turn up for all the practices if you want to play in the concert. 如果你想在音乐会中演奏,你必须出席所有的排练。

     Synonyms and related words
  2. 2
    [U] the actual performance of an activity in a real situation 实际操作;实践

    trends in educational theory and practice 教育理论和实践的新趋势

    put something into practice :

    We urge you to put the committee's recommendations into practice. 我们敦促您把委员会的建议付诸实践。

     Synonyms and related words
    The process of performing an action: action, execution, discharge...
  3. 3
    [C/U] a way of doing something, especially as a result of habit, custom, or tradition 惯例;习惯;惯常做法

    It is good practice to check your work before handing it in. 交作业之前先检查一下是个好习惯。

    unfair billing practices 不公平的收费惯例

    the practice of something :

    the practice of discrimination against older people in the workplace 职场上歧视年长者的惯例

    common/standard/normal practice :

    Bribery is common practice in many countries. 行贿受贿在许多国家都司空见惯。

     Synonyms and related words
    Customs and traditions: custom, tradition, practice...
    1. a.
      [U] legal the established methods for dealing with cases in court (确立的)诉讼程序(或手续)
       Synonyms and related words
      Court cases and legal processes: action, admit, advocacy...
  4. 4
    [C] the business of a doctor, lawyer, or other professional person (医生、律师或其他专业人士的)业务,事务所;(医生、律师或其他)职业

    a medical/legal/dental/veterinary practice 医务/法律业务/牙医业务/兽医业务

     Synonyms and related words
    Specific types of business: authenticator, automaker, bookseller...
    1. a.
      [U] the work of a doctor, lawyer, or other professional person (医生、律师或其他专业人士的)工作

      the practice of medicine/law/dentistry 医疗/法律/牙科工作

       Synonyms and related words
the American spelling of practise 单词 practise 的美式拼法
 Synonyms and related words
IELTS BNC: 453 COCA: 564


1actual doing of sth實行VERB + PRACTICE | PREPOSITION VERB + PRACTICEput sth into把⋯付諸實踐I can't wait to put what I've learned into practice.我迫不及待地想把所學的知識運用於實踐。PREPOSITIONin practice在實踐中The idea sounds fine in theory, but would it work in practice?這種想法理論上好像不錯,但是做起來行得通嗎?


2doing sth many times多次做ADJECTIVE | VERB + PRACTICE | PRACTICE + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbasketball, batting, football, piano, soccer, swim (NAmE) , etc.籃球、擊球、橄欖球、鋼琴、足球、游泳等練習target射擊練習daily每日練習hard work and daily practice辛勤工作和日常練習VERB + PRACTICEdo, get, get in, have做練習;設法練習I'll be able to get in a bit of practice this weekend.我本週末應該能做一些練習。I've had a lot of practice in saying 'no' recently!我最近已經說了許多次“不”來拒絕別人了!need, require, take需要練習Don't worry if you can't do it at first-it takes practice!開始時做不到不要擔心 - 這需要練習!give sb讓某人練習This chapter gives students practice in using adjectives.本章讓學生練習使用形容詞。PRACTICE + NOUNfacilities, field, ground練習設施;訓練場地game, session練習賽;訓練課drill實踐演練We watched the swimmers go through their practice drills.我們觀看了游泳運動員們完成訓練。PREPOSITIONout of practice疏於練習If you don't play regularly, you soon get out of practice.如果你不經常練習,技藝就會生疏。with practice通過練習His accent should improve with practice.他的口音通過練習會有進步的。practice at⋯的練習practice at swimming underwater潛水練習practice in做⋯的練習The children need more practice in tying their shoelaces.孩子們還需要再練習練習繫鞋帶。PHRASESbe good practice for sth對⋯是有益的練習It will be good practice for later, when you have to make speeches in public.這對你以後在公共場合演講是一種很好的練習。practice makes perfect (saying) 熟能生巧


3way of doing sth做法ADJECTIVE | VERB + PRACTICE | PRACTICE + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEgood, recommended, sound好的慣例;推薦的做法;健全的做法advice on adopting current best practice in your business關於在貴公司中採取目前最行之有效的做法的建議environmentally sound practices無害環境的做法safe, unsafe安全的/不安全的做法ethical道德的行為corrupt, deceptive, fraudulent, questionable, shady, sharp, unethical, unfair腐敗行為;狡詐的手段;欺詐的做法;可疑的舉動;黑幕行為;不誠實的交易;不道德的行為;不公平的做法shady business practices不正當的商業運作方式discriminatory, restrictive歧視性的/限制性的做法actual實際的做法the complications that arise in actual practice實際操作中出現的錯綜複雜的情況everyday日常做法contemporary, current當代/當前做法accepted, customary, established, long-standing, traditional公認的/習慣的/已確立的/長期的/傳統的做法common, general, normal, routine, standard, usual常見/一般/正常/常規/標準/通常的做法the company's general practice of selling through agents公司通常通過代理商銷售的做法It is standard practice not to pay bills until the end of the month.通常的做法是月底才付賬。universal, widespread普遍的/廣為流行的做法local地方習俗sustainable可持續的做法sustainable land-use practices可持續的利用土地的做法clinical, cultural, legal, medical, nursing, religious, sexual, social, spiritual, etc.臨牀實踐、文化習俗、法律實務、醫療實踐、護理實踐、宗教習俗、性習俗、社會實踐、精神實踐等the medical practices of ancient Egypt古埃及的醫術American social practices美國社會實踐accounting, administrative, business, employment, hiring, management, working會計/行政管理/商業運作/招聘/雇傭/管理/工作中的實際做法They carried out a study of Japanese working practices.他們就日本人的工作方法進行了研究。VERB + PRACTICEintroduce推行做法The practice of community policing was introduced in the 1970s.社區警務的做法是 20 世紀 70 年代推行的。adopt, employ, follow, implement, use採取/運用/奉行/實行/採用慣常的做法advocate, encourage, endorse, promote, recommend提倡/鼓勵/支持/促進/建議慣常的做法challenge, question挑戰/懷疑慣常的做法defend, support捍衞/支持慣常的做法Some prisoners defend this practice as the only way to survive.一些囚犯捍衞這種做法,因為只有這樣才能生存。condemn, discourage譴責/勸阻慣常的做法This practice was roundly condemned by the World Medical Association.這種做法受到世界醫學聯合會的嚴厲譴責。abandon, abolish, ban, eliminate, end, forbid, halt, outlaw, prevent, prohibit, reject, stop放棄/廢除/禁止/消除/停止/嚴禁/叫停/取締/防止/阻止/拒絕/停止慣常的做法continue慣例繼續The bank has continued its practice of charging late fees.銀行繼續實行收取滯納金的慣常做法。alter, change, improve, modify, transform修改/改變/完善/調整/變革慣常的做法Established practices are difficult to modify.既定的慣例是很難更改的。affect, govern, guide, influence, inform, shape影響/治理/引導/左右/告知/形成慣例the decisions that govern our practice and our conduct支配我們的做法和行為的決策We use this information to inform clinical practice.我們用這一消息告知臨牀習慣做法。PRACTICE + VERBexist習慣做法存在Certain practices exist in both public and private schools.某些習慣做法既存在於公立學校,也存在於私立學校。begin慣例開始實施continue慣例繼續the ancient custom of log rolling, a practice which continues to this day延續至今的雙人踩滾木的古老習俗change, develop, evolve慣例改變/發展/演進differ, vary做法不同/有差異Religious practices differ from group to group.宗教習俗因派別不同而不同。reflect sth習慣做法反映⋯Such practices do not reflect our values.這種慣常的做法並不反映我們的價值觀。PREPOSITIONpractice among⋯之間的做法This is now common practice among ethnographers.這是人種誌學家中普遍的做法。practice for為⋯的做法safe medical practices for children適合兒童的安全醫療做法practice in⋯中的做法good practice in undergraduate education本科教育中的好做法practice of⋯的做法the practice of acupuncture針刺療法practice regarding關於⋯的做法questionable accounting practices regarding the sale of hardware硬件銷售中可疑的記賬法practice within⋯之內的做法ethical practice within the profession行業內的道德行為PHRASESa change in practice方法的改變changes in employment practices職業招聘方法的變動a code of practice (especially BrE) 行業規則voluntary codes of practice between sellers and customers賣方與顧客之間自願達成的行業規則make a practice of sth經常做⋯I don't make a practice of forgetting to pay my bills, I assure you!我向你保證,我並不是經常忘記付賬的!


4work/office of a professional person工作;工作地點ADJECTIVE | VERB + PRACTICE ADJECTIVEsuccessful成功的事業clinical, legal, medical, professional臨牀專業;法律專業;醫務專業;專業實踐family, general (both medicine醫學) 大眾/全科常規診療a physician in family practice (NAmE) 從事大眾醫療的醫生a doctor in general practice (BrE) 全科醫生private私人醫生執業a psychologist in private practice私人執業的心理學家group聯合診療It's a group practice, so you can easily change doctors.這是一家聯合診所,所以你可以方便地換醫生。VERB + PRACTICEbe in, go into, set up in執業;投身⋯業;開業She wants to go into general practice.她想當普通醫師。retire from不再執業suspend sb from使某人暫停執業He has been suspended from practice.他被暫停執業。begin, establish, open, start開辦事務所Martin began his own practice in 1993.馬丁在 1993 年開辦了自己的事務所。She has opened a new practice in the town.她在鎮上開辦了一家新的事務所。run經營事務所He runs a successful legal practice in Ohio.他在俄亥俄州經營一家成功的律師事務所。maintain維持事務所She maintains a private practice as a mental health consultant.她作為一名精神健康顧問經營着一家私人事務所。join加入事務所A new partner has joined the practice.一位新的合夥人加入了事務所。leave離開事務所
IELTS BNC: 453 COCA: 564
practice noun
company (a law practice) habit (make it your practice to do sth) tradition (best practice) training (piano practice) use (put an idea into practice) work2 (medical practice) put sth into practice apply verb1

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