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noun /ˈkɒnfɪd(ə)ns/
  1. 1
    [U] the belief that you are able to do things well 自信心
    have confidence :

    He's a nice boy, but he doesn't have much confidence. 他是个好男孩,但是他没有多少自信心。

    confidence in :

    You should have more confidence in your own abilities. 你应该对自己的能力多一点信心。

    give someone confidence :

    Motherhood gave her confidence. 做母亲给她带来了信心。

    gain/lose confidence :

    The more he fails, the more he loses confidence in his abilities. 他失败的次数越多,对自己的能力也就越失去信心。

    lack the confidence to do something :

    He would lack the confidence to find a job elsewhere. 他会缺乏到别处找工作的信心。

     Synonyms and related words
    Feelings of confidence and pride: confidence, pride, assurance...
  2. 2
    [U] the belief that someone or something is good and that you can trust them 信赖;信任
    confidence in :

    Public confidence in the police is at an all-time low. 公众对警察的信任度降到了最低点。

    have confidence :

    I have complete confidence in our chairman. 我完全信赖我们的总裁。

    lose confidence :

    Many businesses have lost confidence in the government's ability to handle the economy. 许多公司都对政府管理经济的能力失去了信心。

    restore confidence :

    We must work to restore local confidence in the school. 我们必须努力恢复地方对学校的信心。

    As has already been suggested, their record does not inspire confidence. 正如已经提到的,他们的纪录无法激励起人们的信心。

     Synonyms and related words
    Feelings of confidence and pride: confidence, pride, assurance...
  3. 3
    [U] if you have confidence that something is true, you feel certain that it is true 信心;把握
    have confidence in :

    I have complete confidence in these statistics. 我对这些数据有绝对的把握。

    with confidence :

    I can say with confidence that all our targets have now been met. 我可以很有把握地说我们的所有目标现在都已经实现。

    confidence that :

    He expressed his confidence that the project would be a success. 他表示对这个项目的成功很有把握。

     Synonyms and related words
    Certainty and being certain: certainty, assurance, guarantee...
  4. 4
    [C] a secret that you tell someone 秘密
     Synonyms and related words
    Secrets and secretiveness: secret, confidentiality, stealth...


1belief in others對他人的信任ADJECTIVE | VERB + CONFIDENCE | CONFIDENCE + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEabsolute, complete, full, total絕對的信任;完全的信賴The company needs the full confidence of its investors.公司需要得到投資者的完全信任。great, high, real, strong (NAmE) 高度信任;真正的信任;堅定的信心Confidence is high among the team's supporters.支持者對該隊有很強的信心。low (NAmE) 信心很小Generally there is low public confidence in government institutions.總的來說,公眾對政府機構信任度很低。reasonable一定的信任growing, increased, increasing越來越強的信心;增強的信心new, renewed新的信任;重建的信任misplaced誤信The general's confidence in his army proved misplaced.事實證明,將軍誤信了自己部隊的實力。public公眾的信任public confidence in the government公眾對政府的信任business, consumer, customer, investor, market, voter商業上的信任;消費者的信心;顧客的信任;投資者的信任;對市場的信心;投票人的信任VERB + CONFIDENCEenjoy, feel, have得到信任;感到信任This government no longer enjoys the confidence of the public.這個政府不再為公眾所信任。We all have complete confidence in this product.我們都對這個產品充滿信心。express表達信任He expressed confidence in the new plans.他對新計劃表示有信心。be lacking in, lack缺乏信心share有同樣的信心She wished that she shared his confidence.她希望能像他一樣有信心。maintain, retain維持/保持信心to maintain public confidence in the system of justice維護公眾對司法體制的信心bolster, boost, build, build up, enhance, improve, increase, raise, strengthen增加信心;建立信任;增強信心;提高信心Higher profits should raise business confidence.利潤增加應可提高商業信心。gain得到信任breed, create, engender, generate, give (sb), inspire, instil/instill, promote培養信任;建立信任;使產生信任感;產生信任;給予(某人)信任;激發信心;注入信心;增強信任The training is designed to give staff confidence in managing problems.這次培訓旨在給予員工處理問題的信心。The company's record does not really inspire confidence.公司的業績並不能真正激發信心。rebuild, renew, restore, revive重建信任;恢復信任;重新喚起信心an effort to renew investor confidence in corporate America恢復投資者對全美國信心的努力lose失去信任This government has lost the confidence of the public.這屆政府已失去公眾的信任。damage, dent, erode, sap, shake, undermine, weaken破壞信任;削弱信任;動搖信心Only one bank scandal is needed to shake the confidence in the financial markets.一次銀行醜聞就足以動搖對金融市場的信心。destroy, shatter破壞信任;摧毀信心CONFIDENCE + VERBdecline, decrease, fall, wane信心下降/減少/降低/衰退grow, increase, rise, soar信心變大/增加/上升/猛增return信心恢復Confidence has returned to the market.市場恢復了信心。PREPOSITIONconfidence about對⋯的信心The captain was not lacking in confidence about his team's prospects.隊長對自己球隊的前途不乏信心。confidence among⋯之間的信心a loss of confidence among investors投資者信心的喪失confidence between⋯之間的信任efforts to build confidence between employers and unions在雇主和工會之間建立信任的努力confidence in對⋯的信心They have no confidence in the legal system.他們對法律體制沒有信心。PHRASESa crisis of confidence信任危機There is a crisis of confidence in the university about its future role.對於未來的職責,這所大學裏出現了一種信任危機。have every confidence, have the utmost confidence完全有信心;有最大的信心The captain of the football team said he had every confidence in his men.足球隊隊長說過他對他的球員充滿信心。a lack of confidence, a loss of confidence缺乏/喪失信心a confidence motion (also a no-confidence motion) (especially BrE) , a confidence vote
(also a no-confidence vote) , a vote of confidence, a vote of no confidence(不)信任動議/投票
The government lost a confidence vote.政府未能通過信任投票。This is a tremendous vote of confidence for the government.這是對政府投下的極大的信任票。


2belief in yourself自信ADJECTIVE | VERB + CONFIDENCE | CONFIDENCE + VERB | CONFIDENCE + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEconsiderable, enormous, great非常自信supreme, tremendous, utter極度的/高度的/絕對的自信unshakable, unwavering不可動搖的/堅定的自信added, extra更多的/額外的自信new-found, renewed新找到的/恢復的自信growing, increased, increasing越來越自信;增強的自信心calm, cool, quiet鎮靜自信;沉着自信She gave an outward appearance of quiet confidence.她表現出一副沉着自信的樣子。easy從容自信She spoke in a tone of easy confidence.她說話時帶着一種從容自信。false假裝的自信All his false confidence had drained away.他所有虛假的自信已消失殆盡。inner, personal內在的自信;個人的自信VERB + CONFIDENCEhave有自信She has very little confidence in her own abilities.她對自己的能力沒有多少信心。demonstrate, display, project, show顯露出/表露出/表現出/顯示出自信feel感到自信'I can explain,' he said, with a confidence he did not feel.“我可以解釋。”他底氣不足地說。be full of, brim with, exude, ooze, radiate充滿自信;洋溢着自信;流露出自信;散發自信Since she got the new job, she's been brimming with confidence.自從找到新工作,她便充滿了自信。a man who exudes confidence自信滿滿的男人be lacking in, lack缺乏自信心A lot of children are lacking in confidence.許多孩子缺乏自信心。acquire, develop, gain, gather獲得自信;培養自信;增強自信She's gained a lot of confidence over the last year.在過去的一年中,她信心大增。grow in自信心增加As the weeks went by he grew in confidence.隨着幾個星期過去,他的自信心增強了。lose失去信心During his illness he really lost his confidence.他生病期間確實失去了自信。get back, rebuild, recover, regain, restore找回自信;重建自信;恢復自信He's really striking the ball well and has recovered his confidence.他的球確實打得很好,這使他恢復了自信。bolster, boost, build, build up, develop, encourage, enhance, improve增強自信;建立自信;提高自信Winning the competition really boosted her confidence.贏得這次競賽的確增強了她的自信。give sb, instil/instill給予某人信心;培養自信They are gradually instilling confidence in their staff.他們在逐漸培養員工的自信心。dent, sap, shake, undermine, weaken削弱自信;動搖自信心Failing his exams really dented his confidence.考試沒過確實打擊了他的自信。destroy, shatter摧毀自信CONFIDENCE + VERBdrain, drain away, evaporate, go信心消失My confidence went completely after my first major defeat.第一次經歷重大失敗以後,我徹底沒了自信。grow, increase, rise自信心增加;自信心提高Their confidence grew with each success.他們的信心隨着每一次成功不斷增強。return自信恢復CONFIDENCE + NOUNboost, booster, builder (NAmE) 自信增加;增強信心的人;增強信心的事物The home team badly need a confidence booster.主隊急需一個增強自信的機會。building信心的建立Getting the certificate does a lot in terms of confidence building.獲得這張證書在建立自信方面很有幫助。PREPOSITIONwith confidence自信地She answered the question with confidence.她自信地回答了問題。confidence about在⋯方面的自信心I lacked confidence about how I looked.我對自己的長相缺乏自信。confidence in對⋯的信心his confidence in himself他對自己的信心PHRASESa lack of confidence缺乏自信a loss of confidence喪失自信


3trust信賴ADJECTIVE | VERB + CONFIDENCE | CONFIDENCE + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEabsolute, complete, full, total絕對的信賴;完全的信任mutual相互信賴VERB + CONFIDENCEenjoy, have得到信任The Cabinet must enjoy the confidence of Parliament.內閣必須得到議會的信任。Security institutions have to have the confidence of all communities.安全機構必須得到所有社區的信任。keep, retain保持信任earn, gain, get, win博取/得到/取得/贏得信賴build建立信任an environment which builds mutual confidence有助於建立相互信任的環境betray, break辜負信任;不守信用She promised not to break his confidence.她保證不辜負他的信任。I don't think I'm breaking any confidence by telling you that he plans to write another book.我想我告訴你他計劃寫另一本書不是不守信用。place, put信任Are we to place confidence in a man who cannot remember a phone call he made last week?我們能信任一個連上週打過電話都記不得的人嗎?withhold保留信任take sb into視某人為知己She thought she might take Leo into her confidence.她以為也許可以把利奧當作知己。CONFIDENCE + NOUNgame, trick (BrE) 騙局man (usually con man in BrE, and NAmE) , trickster (BrE) 騙子PREPOSITIONin confidence秘密地I really can't talk about this-she told me in confidence.我真的不能談這個 - 她是私底下告訴我的。PHRASESa breach of confidence背信Telling other people what I'd said was a total breach of confidence.把我說的話告訴其他人就是背信。in strict confidence在嚴格保密的前提下Questions will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.將在最嚴格的保密條件下處理這些問題。


4secret秘密ADJECTIVE | VERB + CONFIDENCE ADJECTIVEwhispered低聲密談VERB + CONFIDENCEexchange, share談知心話;分享秘密The girls exchanged whispered confidences.女孩們小聲地互訴知心話。keep保守秘密Can you keep a confidence?你能保守秘密嗎?betray泄露秘密I could never forgive Mike for betraying a confidence.我永遠不能原諒邁克背信泄密。encourage, invite鼓勵/請求保密She didn't encourage confidences.她沒有要求保密。
confidence noun
confidence (confidence in your own abilities) faith (confidence in the government) have confidence in sb/sth trust verb


confidence ♦︎ self-confidence ♦︎ assertiveness ♦︎ aplomb ♦︎ assuranceThese are all words for a belief in yourself and your abilities. 这些词均表示自信、自信心。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配with confidence / self-confidence / aplomb / assurancegreat confidence / self-confidence / aplomb / assurancegrowing confidence / self-confidence / assurancetotal aplomb / assurancequiet / calm / easy confidence / assurancesb's usual confidence / aplombto have / show confidence / self-confidence / assuranceto lose / be lacking in / lack confidence / self-confidencean air of confidence / self-confidence / assurance confidence [uncountable] a belief in your own ability to do things and be successful 自信心;把握He answered the questions with confidence.他有把握地回答了那些问题。She has very little confidence in her own abilities.她对自己的能力很没自信。He gained confidence when he went to college.他上大学后增强了自信。Winning the competition really boosted her confidence.比赛获胜确实增强了她的自信心。 ˌself-ˈconfidence [uncountable] a belief in yourself and your abilities 自信He constantly tried to undermine her self-confidence.他总想打击她的自信。A few months living away from home have given him renewed self-confidence.离家住了几个月使他重建了自信。NOTE 辨析 Confidence or self-confidence?In many cases you can use either word. 在许多情况下这两个词可以通用to have / exude / lack / gain / give sb confidence / self-confidence拥有/流露出/缺乏/获得/给予某人信心/自信to boost / dent / shake / undermine sb's confidence / self-confidence增强/挫伤/动摇/削弱某人的信心/自信However, confidence can be a belief in your abilities generally, or in your ability to do a particular thing; self-confidence can only be a belief in your abilities generally and you cannot 'have self-confidence in sth'. 不过,confidence可指对总体能力或做特定事情的能力的信心。self-confidence仅指对自己总体能力的信心,不能说have self-confidence in sthShe had no confidence in her ability to persuade anyone.她对自己说服别人的能力没有信心。She had no self-confidence in her ability to persuade anyone. assertiveness əˈsɜːtɪvnəs; NAmE əˈsɜːrtɪvnəs [uncountable] (rather formal) the confidence to express opinions and desires strongly, so that people take notice (表达意见或愿望的)坚定自信,勇于表达an assertiveness training programme for women managers针对女性管理人员的自信培训课程Assertiveness is talked about especially in work contexts. * assertiveness尤用于职场。 see also assertive aggressive 2 aplomb əˈplɒm; NAmE əˈplɑːm [uncountable] (rather formal, approving) a confident manner that enables you to succeed in managing difficult situations (应付困难的)自信,沉着,泰然自若He delivered the speech with his usual aplomb.他以一贯的沉着风格作了演讲。 assurance əˈʃʊərəns, əˈʃɔːrəns; NAmE əˈʃʊrəns [uncountable] a confident manner that shows a belief in your own abilities and strengths 自信There was an air of easy assurance and calm about him.他的神情从容自信、沉着冷静。NOTE 辨析 Confidence or assurance? Confidence or self-confidence is what you feel when you believe in yourself; assurance is the manner and behaviour that shows this feeling. * confidence或self-confidence是自己感觉到的自信,assurance是通过行为举止表现出来的自信。

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