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noun /ˈserəməni/
  1. 1
    [C] a formal public event with special traditions, actions, or words 典礼;仪式

    a ceremony to honour those who died in the war 为战争中牺牲的勇士举行的纪念仪式

    an awards ceremony 颁奖仪式

     Synonyms and related words
    General words for ceremonies: ceremonial, ceremony, commemoration...
  2. 2
    [U] the formal traditions, actions, or words used to celebrate a traditional or religious event 礼仪;礼节

    They celebrated Easter with lavish ceremony. 他们用很铺张的礼仪庆祝复活节。

     Synonyms and related words
    Religious ceremonies and practices: anoint, bless, blessing...
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1formal public/religious event正式的公共或宗教活動ADJECTIVE | VERB + CEREMONY | CEREMONY + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEbrief, short簡短的儀式quiet, simple不事張揚的/簡單的儀式elaborate, glittering, lavish精心安排的/絢麗的/奢華的典禮moving, solemn動人的/莊嚴的儀式private, public私人性質的/公開的儀式formal, important, official, special, traditional合乎禮儀的/重要的/正式的/特別的/傳統的儀式an official ceremony to welcome the new director歡迎新主管的正式儀式inaugural, opening就職典禮;開幕式the opening ceremony of the Olympics奧林匹克運動會開幕式closing閉幕式awards, presentation, prize-giving (especially BrE) 頒獎禮;贈送/授予儀式;頒獎典禮civil-partnership (in the UK) , commitment, marriage, wedding民事伴侶關係/婚姻承諾/婚禮/結婚儀式
a same-sex commitment ceremony同性婚姻承諾儀式civil, religious世俗/宗教儀式coming-of-age, naming, retirement (NAmE) 成人禮;命名儀式;退休儀式burial, funeral, memorial, wreath-laying入葬儀式;葬禮;紀念儀式;獻花圈儀式commencement, degree, graduation畢業典禮;學位頒授儀式inauguration, induction, initiation, signing, swearing-in就職典禮;入職儀式;入會儀式;簽字儀式;宣誓儀式groundbreaking (= to mark the beginning of construction of a new building) 奠基儀式dedication, flag-raising, ribbon-cutting, unveiling落成典禮;升旗儀式;剪綵儀式;揭幕式tea茶道the Japanese tea ceremony日本茶道VERB + CEREMONYconduct, officiate, officiate at, perform主持儀式;舉行儀式The marriage ceremony was performed by the bishop.結婚儀式由主教主持。hold, host主持儀式attend, be present at, take part in參加典禮;出席典禮CEREMONY + VERBtake place典禮舉行commemorate sth, honour/honor sb/sth, mark sth典禮紀念⋯;儀式標誌⋯a special ceremony to mark the opening of the festival標誌節日開始的特別儀式PREPOSITIONat a/the ceremony在儀式上Many dignitaries were present at the ceremony.許多顯要人物出席了典禮。during a/the ceremony在儀式舉行的過程中A lot of people wept during the funeral ceremony.葬禮上許多人都哭了。in a/the ceremony在典禮中They were married in a simple ceremony.他們的結婚儀式很簡單。


2formal/traditional actions and words禮節性的舉止;慣例的言行VERB + CEREMONY | PREPOSITION | PHRASES VERB + CEREMONYstand on (especially BrE) 講究客套I won't stand on ceremony (= be formal).我不會講客套。PREPOSITIONwithout ceremony隨意地It was done quickly and without ceremony.這件事很快草草了結了。PHRASESpomp and ceremony盛大場面與儀式the pomp and ceremony of a royal wedding王室婚禮的盛大場面與儀式with great ceremony按照隆重禮儀She was buried with great ceremony in the Abbey.她被隆重地安葬在威斯敏斯特大教堂。


ceremony ♦︎ ritual ♦︎ rite ♦︎ service ♦︎ liturgy ♦︎ sacrament ♦︎ prayersThese are all words for a series of actions that form part of religious worship or a formal occasion. 这些词均表示宗教仪式或正式典礼。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配at a ceremony / a ritual / a rite / a service / prayersa religious ceremony / ritual / rite / servicea / an ancient / primitive / traditional / pagan ceremony / ritual / ritean initiation ceremony / ritual / ritea funeral ceremony / rite / service(a) Christian ceremony / ritual / liturgyto perform a ceremony / ritual / riteto attend a ceremony / service / prayersto hold a ceremony / service ceremony [countable] a public or religious occasion that includes a series of formal or traditional actions 典礼;仪式They were married in a simple ceremony.他们结婚了,婚礼很简单。an awards ceremony颁奖典礼the opening ceremony of the Olympic games奥运会开幕式the Japanese tea ceremony日本茶道 ceremonial ˌserɪˈməʊniəl; NAmE ˌserɪˈmoʊniəl


a ceremonial occasion / sword礼仪场合/佩剑
ritual ˈrɪtʃuəl [countable, uncountable] a series of actions that are always carried out in the same way, especially as part of a religious ceremony 程序;仪规;礼节;(尤指)宗教仪式Many folk dances have their origins in ancient pagan rituals.许多民间舞蹈源自古代异教徒的仪式。She objects to the ritual of organized religion.她反对有组织宗教的仪规。 see also ritual habit ritual


ritual chanting / practices仪式上的圣咏演唱;仪式惯例


The goat was ritually slaughtered.山羊按照仪式宰杀了。
rite [countable] a ritual 程序;仪规;礼节;(尤指)宗教仪式He received the last rites from a Roman Catholic priest and died an hour later.天主教会的神父为他做了临终祈祷,一小时后他死了。New members of the cult have to undergo a secret initiation rite.异教团体的新成员必须进行秘密的入会仪式。NOTE 辨析 Ritual or rite?Both these words are connected with ancient religious practices, especially ones that mark the important events in sb's life or in the cycle of life and death. 这两个词均与古代的宗教习俗有关,尤其是与人生的重大事件或生死轮回有关的习俗religious / ancient / primitive / traditional / pagan rituals / rites宗教/古代/原始/传统/异教徒仪式initiation / fertility rituals / rites入会仪式;丰收祭祀In many cases you can use either word. However, there can be a slight difference of emphasis: ritual often emphasizes the complicated form of the ceremony more than its meaning and you can talk about an elaborate ritual or an empty ritual that has lost its meaning altogether. A rite is often simpler and more serious, especially when it is connected with death: ritual is not used in these cases. 在许多情况下这两个词可以通用。不过,两者强调的重点略有不同:ritual通常强调仪式的繁复甚于仪式的意义。可以说an elaborate ritual(繁琐的仪式)或an empty ritual(空洞的程序),但这两种表述中的ritual都失去了原先的意义。rite所指的仪式通常较为简单且更加严肃,在表示与死亡相关的仪式时尤其如此。ritual不这样用He received the last rituals from a Roman Catholic priest. funeral rituals service [countable] a religious ceremony, either as part of the regular worship of a particular church or community, or to mark a particular occasion 宗教礼仪;礼拜仪式He always attends morning service.他总是参加晨祷。A special service of praise and thanksgiving was held in the cathedral.主教堂里举行了赞美和感恩的特别仪式。 liturgy ˈlɪtədʒi; NAmE ˈlɪtərdʒi [countable, uncountable] a fixed form of public worship used in churches 礼拜仪式Henry VIII ordered that the English Prayer Book was to replace the old Latin liturgy in church services.亨利八世下令,教堂礼拜时要用英语祈祷书代替原先的拉丁文祈祷书。He has written several books on theology and liturgy.他写过几部关于神学和礼拜仪式的书。 sacrament ˈsækrəmənt [countable] (rather formal) an important Christian ceremony such as marriage, baptism or communion (基督教)圣事,圣礼(如婚配、圣洗或圣餐等)to receive the sacrament of Christian baptism接受基督教洗礼的圣事 prayers [plural] a religious meeting that takes place regularly, in which people say prayers to give thanks to God or ask him for help 祈祷会;祷告式He reads the Koran, attends daily prayers and has made a pilgrimage to Mecca.他读《古兰经》,参加每日祈祷,还去过麦加朝圣。

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